It was in Nevers, after the apparitions of Our Lady, that Bernadette Soubirious continued his journey.

There she joined the congregation of the Sisters of Charity and remained there until her death. The intact body of Bernadette is exposed in a hunt in the main chapel of the Sanctuary.

Discover Saint-Cyr-et-Sainte-Julitte Cathedral and climb to the top of the Bohier tower to enjoy a magnificent view.

At the Shrine of Saint Bernadette, a spiritual and retreat centre, learn about the religious life of the saint from her arrival in Nevers until the day of her death.

Come and meet Bernadette, who is there as a presence, as a call to look at Jesus his “only Master”.


Ancient city of the dukes on the banks of the Loire, today capital of earthenware and high place of pilgrimage.

Discover this city of art and history, a stop on the way to Compostela.

Visit the Ducal Palace, walk from the ramparts to the « Porte du Croux », an old drawbridge gate.

Admire the blue of earthenware as you wander around and at the Museum of Earthenware.