Souvigny has a priory complex made up of the church of Saint Peter Saint Paul and the gardens of the priory, the priory of Souvigny high place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages was erected as a Sanctuary of Peace in 2017.

Come and immerse yourself in the values of the two great abbots of Cluny, Mayeul and Odilon and gather on their tombs.

Invoke the two saints to intervene in favor of the healing of a loved one.


Medieval village of Bourbonnais, formerly necropolis of the Dukes of Bourbons.

Stroll through its streets and squares and discover the many burials preserving the bodies of the royal family.

Visit the museum and its Zodiac column, Romanesque pillar that represents the signs of the zodiac, animals and monsters, and work activities called the 'Souvigny' calendar.

Enjoy the rich architectural and natural heritage.